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Company Information

The Green Car Company (TGCC) is a Singapore based company incorporated on 1st January 2008 focusing in designing, manufacturing and promoting the “All Round Green Car” (ARGC). The idea of manufacturing an ARGC is the company's effort to reduce pollution to the environment, promote the awareness of “commute efficiently in the city concept”.

Singapore is a small but beautiful garden city with many possibilities. The Singapore government has done a marvelous job by creating a beyond world class efficient public transport system, its roads are also maintained at tip-top condition allowing motorist to commute comfortably. We believe the cars we put on the road should be efficient units too.

The company's definition of an “All Round Green Car” is a car that not only emits no/low pollution but also generates no/low pollutants during the manufacturing process itself. The use of recycled / recyclable materials, RoHs compliant and other environmental friendly components is the key direction. Coupled with ingenious engineering philosophy and advanced manufacturing methods helps to complete the whole green car lifeline.

The company's focuses on using innovation to produce high quality products while the engineers are trained to put the environment as first priority in reducing pollutants at any stage of the production process.The management also puts great emphasis on good working environment. Safety beyond first is the key to protect workers. The selective usage of non-hazardous substance will always be top priority.

Besides full-size cars, we also included some environmentally friendly products that you could purchase to help fund research and developments in areas to conserve the environment.

The Tagline

To Commute Efficiently in the Garden City with The All Round Green Car.

Our Core Values

  1. Innovation and Constant Improvement (Kaizen)
  2. Integrity and Ethics
  3. Teamwork and Mentor
  4. Stop any pollution activities
  5. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  6. Do it right from the start

The logo

The humble leaf has been a symbol of nature since time immemorial, representing Man striving to maintain a cordial relationship with the environment.Playing a significant role in the milestones marking advancement of technology is the automotive industry, where racing sports has become the epitome of research and development. The checkered flag is an integral part of a circuit race as it marks the start and end of the event.Can there be a harmonious relationship amongst Man, machine and Mother Nature? We aim to achieve that.So we have crafted our emblem with co-existence of the various elements in mind.The green leaf marks the presence of environmental consciousness, the fundamentals of our origins.A horizontal stalk represents the challenge of maintaining a fine balance between caring for the environment, and moving forward in our research and development.An abstract of the checkered flag marks the automotive ideals that is our core business, alongside the dark green crescent that illustrates our desire to stand fast at the forefront of  green technology.

That is what we stand for. We are The Green Car Company.

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