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Why Electric ?
A typical fossil fuel powered vehicle emits not just carbon dioxide (CO2) but also carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide (NOx) and other harmful substances. Therefore, driving a fossil fuel powered vehicle does not only contribute to global warming but also harms people health. Electric vehicle on the other hand, does not emit any pollutants.

Fossil fuel powered vehicles on the same time are not energy efficient, only about 30% of the fuel is transformed into power, the rest becomes heat and noise. Electric vehicles, with modern technology coupled with advanced electronics, can now be over 85% efficient, where mechanical losses make up most of the losses.

The cost of petrol has also risen significantly, although compressed natural gas (CNG) has become more popular, its cost is still more expensive than electric. Besides, CNG only reduce greenhouse gases by 20%.

On average,
Petrol (1.5L) – S$0.15 per km
CNG (1.5L) – S$0.06 per km (60% saving over petrol)
Electric (30HP) – S$0.025 per km (58% saving over CNG) (83% saving over petrol)

* Actual results may vary due to individual driving style and traffic conditions

There are also multiple sources of electricity. Besides oil-fired or coal-fired power stations, electricity can be generated from nuclear power stations (relatively more efficient in certain studies) or can be harness from the sun (solar), water (hydro), wind or human muscle power (pun intended).

While hybrids vehicles seem the key to creating the ulitmate eco-car, the fact that it still uses petrol helps only marginal to saving the environment. Besides, hybrids tends to switch from electric to petrol/cng quite frequently which no studies have shown how this ultimately affects the motor wear and tear rate. Therefore, at TGCC, we believe 100% electric drive is the direction to go.

Benefits when driving an electric car

Direct Benefits

No more Petrol Kiosk visits (saves time)
Less operation costs (up to 65% savings)
Reduce carbon emissions by more than 75%
Reduce noise pollution by 80%
Easier to park and drive due to smaller vehicle footprint
No more warm up of engine in the morning (saves time again)

Maintenance Benefits

No more messsssy oil changessss
Takes less than 10 minutes to clean due to small vehicle size / surface area *

* When wipe with damped cloth

Indirect Benefits when driving a SEV

People more willingly to give way to your cute vehicle
Grabs more attention than a multi-million dollar sports car.
Help raise awareness on global warming
Become a weekend super hero (when dressed with suitable super hero costume)

The Best Benefit when driving a SEV

Gives a smile to almost anyone whom seen it being driven around.
(Be sure to get remarks like ''cool'' from man and ''so cute'' from kids and ladies)

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