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Frequently asked Questions for SEV1

Is this car road legal in Singapore?
Yes, it is LTA approved. Mr James Diebley have got it approved in 2003

Is has only 3 wheels, is it stable ?
The design is such that all the key weight is inside the wheel perimeter, thus it is a stable system. Besides, the batteries and motor are mounted lowest possible making the car center of gravity almost at the wheel center.

The reason for having 3-wheel is efficiency. An extra wheel requires more power to move. A direct single rear wheel drive would help to conserve energy. It looks cool too.

Is this vehicle safe ?
The spherical shape of the vehicle is structurally same from a motorcycle helmet.

What license do i need to drive the SEV1 ?
You will need a Class 3 license, any other license (motorbike, heavy truck) are bonus. Basically the more qualified you are, the better, since you will know how other motorist will behave.

Only 50km range, where can i go ?
Typically one travel less than 15km point to point and less than 35km a day total. Planning a trip in advance is always advisable.

Frequently asked Questions for SEV2

How much is the vehicle ?
It depends what combination you are looking for, each combination is different in price.

Why is there many combination of the vehicle ?
We give options so that you can compare and decide which package is better for you. We are also happy to help you find the best package. Price also depends on the amount of technology each car posses.

What license do i need to drive the SEV2 ?
You will require a Class 3 license, any other licenses (motorbike, heavy truck) are bonus. Basically the more qualified you are, the better, since you will know how other motorist will behave.

I live in a HDB flat, how can i charge the battery ?
One can op for the change the battery scheme which will require no charging at all. More info will be released at a later date.

I want to buy one, when can i receive it ?
It will have to depend on our manufacturing schedule. We plan to market it by 2012. Paying a deposit now can allow one to buy some of the first vehicles that would roll out from the factory.

Whats the range ?
Our design specification estimates about 150km per battery charge, taking 40% off means we have 90km. More data available at a later date or check out our technical page

Will there be after-sales support ?
Yes, full after sales support is available. Besides parts, annual maintenance and hop up parts are also available.
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